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Assurance Partners Corporate Office Has Moved to Downtown Salina

201 East Iron Avenue - Now Open!

Stop by our office for a tour to see what we've done with the place.

Press Release - Fall 2013

Assurance Partners, LLC is moving! Our Salina corporate office will be relocating in the spring of 2014 from our current location on South Ohio to downtown Salina. Assurance Partners is committed to serve the Salina community and we are excited to have the support of the city of Salina and the Lee District in our renovation of this essential part of downtown.

“We view the renovation project and our firm’s return to downtown Salina to be an epic event for our clients, employees and our community,” said Jim Wilson, President and CEO of Assurance Partners. “Once again, we are setting our roots back in downtown Salina. We believe the return to beauty of a downtown landmark will be of great benefit to the entire community.”

The Phoenix, as the property was renamed in 1993, was purchased by developer Brian Richardson and the 2-story convention center and restaurant has been acquired by Assurance Partners for renovation. We have some exciting plans for the new space and are excited to unveil them to the Salina community this year.

At Assurance Partners, we serve in stewardship of businesses and families across several states. Our roots originated in downtown Salina in 1970 and the recent focus on downtown development will play a vital role in the continued growth of our community.

“We strive to meet our clients where they are at every milestone in their life and in the life of their business,” said Kristy Balthazor, Chief Operations Officer for Assurance Partners. “This new building purchase and renovation is an exciting milestone and a great step forward for our business to be back in the heart of the city.”

Check out our Flickr photo gallery for more progress pictures!

Assurance Partners New Name and Branding Unveiled in 2012

On January 24th, 2012, Sunflower Insurance Group hosted an official unveiling of a new name and identity.

It was no longer just an idea, it became a revelation identified by a symbol of great achievement and a resounding name: Assurance Partners.