Commercial Lines

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Annual insurance premiums are only a portion of what your company’s true overall risk management costs are. By looking into more details, we can help pinpoint areas of improvement that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. We specialize in helping you manage your risk in ways that go well beyond insurance — only solutions. We will tailor strategies to fit the unique needs of your business with the following services:

Exposure Identification + Risk Assessment – Our Risk Management team will partner with your internal personnel to identify your company’s risks through various methods which may include: employee/management interviews, touring company facilities, and review and analysis of your current insurance program and claims history.

Strategic Plan Development - Based on findings above, we devise a strategy to handle your risk by exploring a spectrum of proven methods and alternative strategies to minimize or eliminate risk and reduce insurance costs.

Program Design + Implementation - The team will turn strategies into action plans; develop a tailored insurance program which we then market to appropriate insurance companies and present results and recommendations to you in a simplified, easy-to-understand format.

Risk Services - Our goal is to assist you in controlling your costs, reducing your losses and providing superior claims service. We strive to help you meet these goals through the coordination and implementation of loss control and safety programs.

Program Monitoring + Adjustment – Our annual stewardship review will provide you quantifiable proof of the impact of your risk management strategies on your bottom line.